Faber make a wide range of stunning cooker hoods. With a selection of wall or ceiling mounted, integrated and downdraft models we will always find the ideal fit to complement your Milligan and Jessop kitchen. Faber hoods are quiet, energy efficient and effective; it is no surprise that they supply almost three million cooker hoods worldwide every year. As a recognised UK retailer, Milligan and Jessop provide Faber’s 2 year warranty and carry the IMQ Italian Quality Mark.

Our Favorites

Faber produce cooker hood designs that are elegant and offer the latest in specialist technology. Their reusable carbon filters increase filtration efficiency, and last longer than standard filtration systems. They also improve odour elimination by 95%. Revolutionary active noise technology ensures they are silent whilst powerful. Anti-touch features prevent fingerprints and annoying marks making them easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful. Finally, hammered internal edges and tempered glass ensure absolute safety.

Our Faber Kitchens