With patented technology for the world’s first boiling water tap, Quooker work hard to combine high end technology combines with reliability and quality. An efficient method for accessing immediate hot and boiling water in your Milligan and Jessop kitchen, Quooker are constantly striving to bring new and effective solutions to your domestic setting.

Our Favorites

We love Quooker for hot and boiling water on demand and their unique Combi boiler technology. This Quooker Combi boiler is the first to use high-vacuum insulation, making it extremely energy efficient. Compact design means that the tap takes as little space as possible, making it suitable for your kitchen whatever the size. By supplying boiling or hot water, it makes pouring a cup of tea and food preparation quick and efficient. Milligan and Jessop believe that for the best quality, filtered hot or boiling water, Quooker are your guys.

Our Quooker Kitchens