With over 170 years of trading in the UK, Siemens PLC are at the forefront of design and technology. In addition to the domestic kitchen appliances found in our showroom they manufacture everything from traffic lights to superconducting magnets. Milligan and Jessop are proud to partner with a brand associated with British design and manufacturing.

Our Favorites

We love beautiful design combined with utter practicality. That is why we love the Siemens iQ700 oven range, with design features that give so much more than a standard oven. From a self-cleaning mechanism that works and a sensor that measures the core temperature of your food, through to technology that allows you to cook straight from frozen; Siemens have designed an oven that saves time whilst offering total piece of mind. Plus Home Connect means that your Siemens appliances can be managed from wherever you are. This is a revolutionary step and a Milligan & Jessop favourite!

In Our Showroom

  • 900mm Induction Hob with Full Flex Induction
  • Built-In Single ecoClean Multi-Function Oven
  • Compact45 Hot Air Oven
  • 4-Ring Induction Hob with Box Chimney Extractor Fan
  • Built-In Fridge
  • Built-In Dishwasher
  • Built-In Washing machine

Our Siemens Kitchens