Four major anti-cancer medicinal herbs: the Gucci mulberry

One of Korea’s four major anti-cancer herbs, the Ggichibbong tree, is a Korean native plant and is a highly utilized medicinal water that has nothing to throw away leaves, stems, shells, root bark, and fruits, and is also called Cheonmok because it is a tree from heaven. Scorpio trees are good for various cancers such as planoboids such as morine, routine, and morphine, and have excellent anti-cancer effects and aspartic acid. It contains a large amount of glutamic acid and riboflavin.

Enhancing appetite as an essential element of carbohydrate metabolism. Anti-aging. Good bowel movement. Neurostabilizer. It contains vitamin B1, which is good for intestinal diseases, and vitamin B2, which is good for anti-aging, neurostabilizing, and intestinal exercise, and vitamin C, which strengthens fatigue recovery, arteriosclerosis, and capillaries.

Scorpio tree (Gucci mulberry)

The national name of the mulberry tree is based on the famous collection of Joseon plants (in addition to Jeong Tae-hyun, 1949), and silkworms can be grown with the leaves of this tree, so it was called “Ppong” and hardened as it sounds. In addition, Chinese characters Guji include the meaning of making paper, and there is an opinion that the word Guji and Guji are words from Guji because both the mulberry and the mulberry are raw materials for paper.

a scruffy

Silkworm thorn

Deciduous broad-leaved small tree of the genus Dicotyledonous genus of Dicotyledonous nettles

Cudrania tricuspidata (Carrierere) Bureaux Lavallée

The genus name “Cudrania” is derived from the Greek word “cudros”. There is also an opinion that it originated from the regional name cudrang in Malaysia. The species name tricuspidata means ‘of Samyodu, of Samcheomdu’.

the characteristics of the mulberry tree

The mulberry is a small tall tree that grows at the foot of a sunny mountain or around a village, and the height is about 3 to 8m, and the young tree is brown. The more you stay, the more grayish-brown it becomes, cracks irregularly, peeling off like scales, and forming a lot of clumps. The old tree is completely peeled and has a white brown color.

Branches have thorns.

The leaves are oviparous

Flowers bloom in male and female trees from May to June.

The fruit is in the shape of a fruit, and the fruit is in the shape of a ball

It is succulent and ripens from red to black.

The effect of scolding

In oriental medicine, the tree is called a tree, the bark of the tree, or the root bark of the tree, the leaves of the tree are called embroidered cervical leaves, and the fruit is called embroidered fruit.

The efficacy of the mulberry tree

① Efficacy: Treating women’s blood, blood, and vagina.

② Usage/Dose: Sweeten 30-60g and take it. <External> Wash with a full amount.

Effectiveness of the bark and root bark of the mulberry tree

▲ The root bark of the mulberry tree / Photo: Herbal guidebook

① It is the bark and root skin from which Cork was removed. Collect from time to time throughout the year.

② Efficacy: It has the effect of Boshinjeong (Boshingojeong) and Yanghyeolseogeun (Yanghyeolseogeun). It treats back pain, oil wells, hemoptysis, vomiting, and bruises.

③ Usage and dosage: Sweeten 30-60g and take it. <External> Crush and apply.

Efficacy of the leaves of the mulberry tree

① Ingredients: The root diameter contains morin, kaemperol-7-glucoseide, i.e., populin, stachydrine, and propoline glutamin ( (acid), arginine, and asparagine ( (acid).

② Efficacy: It has the effects of anti-inflammatory, pain, gale, and live blood. It treats sections, eczema, mumps, pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic lumbar pain, bruising, incision, and acute joint sprains.

③ Usage and dosage: Sweeten 9-15g and take it. <External use> Wash or crush with a full amount and apply it.

The effect of scolding the fruit

① The fruit is harvested from September to October.

② Efficacy: It has the effect of purulent fever, amniotic fluid, and Seogeunhwalak. The mature fruits of the mulberry tree are sliced into thin slices on the bruise, dried in the sun, powdered, and combined like grass each time to take it as a yellow wine. Use it twice a day for 5-6 days.

The effect of scolding

Korean Association of Oriental Medicine

Anti-cancer action and immunity improvement

Ggubon contains a large amount of flavonoids. Flavonoid is a representative antioxidant ingredient that is effective in removing various harmful substances that can cause cancer and suppressing cancer cell metastasis. The routine ingredient in scolding is also a type of antioxidant, which is said to help improve immunity as well as anti-cancer effects.

improvement in diabetes

Flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals contained in scolding help prevent blood sugar from rising rapidly and control blood sugar.

Hangover relief

The reason why bean sprout soup is good for hangovers! It’s because of the aspartic acid in bean sprouts. Ggipbong also contains aspartic acid. Aspartic acid quickly breaks down acetaldehyde, the cause of hangovers, and promotes recovery after drinking too much.

Also, as mentioned earlier, scolding contains a lot of strong antioxidants such as flavonoids and routines, which help release toxins and waste accumulated in the liver, which helps improve liver function as well as hangovers.

Prevention of vascular disease

Antioxidants in scolding help smooth blood flow by improving blood flow and strengthen blood vessel walls to keep blood vessels healthy. In particular, it is known to be effective in improving the main culprits of adult diseases such as arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

bone health

Ggodipong contains a large amount of glutamic acid that increases calcium absorption in the body. This can be expected to improve bone health. Higher calcium absorption also strengthens bone density, which is also effective in preventing osteoporosis.

Women’s health

Ggibbong has both GABA and various inorganic ingredients. Gaba is a kind of amino acid that comes out when brown rice is germinated. In addition to preventing adult diseases such as cholesterol removal and high blood pressure, it is said to help prevent and improve menstrual irregularities and uterine-related diseases.

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